Bonfatti receives the Ambassador of Botswana

The Governor declared Bernadette Sebage Rathedi Guest of Honour.

La provincia The Governor with the Ambassador.

Jueves 14 de agosto de 2014 In Rosario, Governor Bonfatti received the protocol visit of the Ambassador of the Republic of Botswana, Bernardette Sebage Rathedi.

In the meeting, held at government headquarters in Rosario, also participated the Secretary of International Relations, María Julia Reyna.

Besides discussing the possibility of future exchanges of various kinds, the Governor and the diplomatic exchanged gifts after Bonfatti declared her Guest of Honour.


Rathedi is a teacher of Sciences - Growth and Human Development at Indiana University, United States, graduated in Sciences of Growth and Human Development at the same University.

Since February 2013, she has been Ambassador of the Republic of Botswana to the Federative Republic of Brazil, and also accredited to Argentina, Chile and Guyana.


Botswana is a sovereign land-locked country in the South of Africa, whose form of Government is a Parliamentary Republic. Its territory is divided into nine districts. The nation's capital is the city of Gaborone.

Geographically the country stretches over flat lands, with 70% of its area covered by the Kalahari Desert. It borders South Africa to the South and Southeast, Namibia to the West and North, with Zimbabwe to the Northeast, and to the North with Zambia at a single point. It is the 48th largest country.

The bilateral relations between the two countries are part of the so-called cooperation South-South of the Republic Argentina with Sub-Saharan Africa, of which Botswana is part. As a relevant fact, stands the "1st Encounter Countries of Sub-Saharan Africa - Argentina" under the slogan "Innovation and Development in the Production of Food", held from 4 to 7 April in Buenos Aires.

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